How Has Technology Changed Skincare? - Apr 2017

The field of skin care has evolved excellently and this is just because of the modern technology. Nowadays, the technology has provided many innovative ideas to make your skin glow again that too with faster results. Earlier victims had to consult doctor for many sessions, but now latest modern technology has made it very simple and better results can be experienced in one or two sessions.

You will be surprised to see many weird machines and computer screens that are used by the dermatologist to take care of your skin. Technology is improvising at every steps and is assisting all industries that includes skincare industry also. There are so many amazing new skin and hair care products being introduced every day for every specific need. Modern technology trend helps the skincare industry to craft the product as per ongoing trend.

Different type of technological techniques and products are emerging in the market. Some of the experts think the future development of skincare products lies significantly on DNA repairing technology. This is because damaged DNA is the most fundamental causes of different types of skin problems. Skin cells are able to undergo self-recovery during our sleep normally. But, when DNA of these skin cells are damaged by UV radiations, pollutions and stresses, the DNA loses the coding functions. The loss of coding functions in one skin cell will induce chain effects to other cells, which create skin problems like irregular skin tone, wrinkles and freckles. DNA repairing skincare products are becoming more and more popularity these days, this technology is discovered 44 years ago.

The stem cells from plants are proved effective in fighting skin aging problem. The latest technology is to combine stem cells from plants and the synthetic growth hormone for excellent effective in anti-oxidizing and fighting against free radicals and pollutants.

It is fair to say that technology has had a massive impact on skincare.

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